Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 1

Spring cleaning with Ask Anna has begun!! Ok, so technically, it began yesterday. I just didn't get pics taken until today... Our "assignment" for yesterday was to wash/iron our draperies and clean our blinds/shutters. I have very few draperies (1 in the bedroom and 1 in the bathroom). In the rest of the rooms, I have open windows or blinds only. I got my curtains washed and my blinds cleaned, and I must say, it feels fresher already!

Ignore the unmade bed--the sheets are in the wash! It's hard to tell in these pics, but these are nice and clean and I feel happy (for the moment!) I'm actually looking forward to day 2!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The winner of the hearts!!

Ok. So, since I had two people interested in the hearts, I drew names from a hat (yes a bit old-fashioned, but very easy and hard to mess up! Ha ha). The winner of the hearts is (drumroll please)..... Caroline. So, Caroline, just send me an e-mail with your info and your hearts will be on their way! Congrats!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another tchotchke!

Ok, I have found another tchotchke! I received these as a gift for the bathroom that is being remodeled. As sweet as the gesture is, I had already bought accessories and will not use these.

If you would like these, comment and become a follower! I will randomly select who gets them (if there's more than 1 comment) and I will pay to send them to you!

One of my tchotchkes

So, as some of you may know, MeganDVD at Beauty in the Attempt is having a blog hop. But, not just any blog hop! People are linking up and getting rid of some of their unwanted treasures! All of these treasures are free (you may have to pay shipping) and you may have some competition for some of the stuff, but it's really neat. It's called the Road to the Final Tchotchke.

I have decided to join. The item I'm giving away on this post are these lovelies!

They remind me of flat metal baskets. You can hang them on the wall and they actually hold stuff (like mail!). They are actually home interior and this is how they came. They are white and distressed looking. I will pay for shipping (yes, you heard that right--free shipping) if someone wants to give them a good home! Just make a comment and become a follower. On March 29, I will randomly choose (through a number generator) who gets them!!

**If you want more info on this blog hop, click here!**

Friday, January 28, 2011

The BOLD and the beautiful

My friends Megan DVD from Beauty in the Attempt and Gail from My Repurposed Life are doing a really neat blog hop!! They are inviting people to get critiques on their blogs and to critique the blogs of others. Sounds like fun!!

I decided to join! So please feel free to critique my blog--tell me what you like, what could be better, etc. Please be gentle:)


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gearing up for the New Year and new challenges!!

Happy New Year!!! 2011 is looking to be a great year--graduation, hopefully a new house (fingers crossed I get a job), a trip out west (the cabin and meals are being paid for by my in-laws!), and who knows what else. Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked! However, I do have a few challenges ahead of me. The one I'm most excited about is our weight loss challenge. My mother in law and I have decided that all of us going on the trip need to lose weight (we want to hike some pretty nice trails in the Rocky Mountains). She threw down the challenge of a couple's weight loss. Whatever couple loses the most combined weight-wins. I'm not sure what we're "playing" for yet--but my competitive juices are in high gear (I can be a little competitive--I was in band and played softball in high school--and I HATE losing). Now to motivate the hubby... Any suggestions? ;)