Friday, January 28, 2011

The BOLD and the beautiful

My friends Megan DVD from Beauty in the Attempt and Gail from My Repurposed Life are doing a really neat blog hop!! They are inviting people to get critiques on their blogs and to critique the blogs of others. Sounds like fun!!

I decided to join! So please feel free to critique my blog--tell me what you like, what could be better, etc. Please be gentle:)



  1. Hi trisha!

    I'm here from the hop...loving the background print and the colors you choose. The browns are very soothing...

    Just to me, the words seem a little close and too tight to the titles of the posts.

    I really REALLY love that line under your beautifully designed...

  2. Hey girl! thanks for joining in.
    May I suggest that you put your about me at the top, not on the very bottom. Maybe you could move your followers up the side too.
    I love this layout, these colors are very easy on the eyes.
    I know you don't update often, I think you should download windows live writer, it makes blogging a lot easier and more fun!
    I can give you lots of tips about it.
    enjoy the rest of your weekend!
    uh oh, the dreaded word verification. I suggest you turn it off, if for only a trial period.

  3. Hi Trisha,
    found ya via blog hop! nice, simple blog. love the background image. would love to see your pretty face at the top of the page.. and maybe a little larger font in the sidebar, for us old-eyed gals! ;)
    nice job!
    many blessings,

  4. Well...well...well. So glad you joined my dear! Considering we are know what I will tell you. POST MORE AND MORE OFTEN!!! You are needed in the blog world and could easily find your own little acre of bliss among all the relationships you would make in the blog-a-sphere. Use that iPhone and take pics...load them...and showcase the this and that of your world. :) DO IT!!! :)

    Oh...and as for formality...I would move up the About me to the top, and followed that with your followers. This is very appealing to fast bloggers like Gail and lazy bloggers like me. :) you my dear!


  5. I agree, move your about me to the top and the sidebar font is a wee bit tiny. The rest is great though.

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments and wonderful suggestions ladies. E-I will definitely try to update more (especially once I'm done at U of L!).

  7. I agree post more often! You have some really awesome ideas, I want more of you!

  8. Everything in your blog design is great except your blog list isn't too current. showing some links that is of 1-year ago will make your blog seem outdated.

  9. Oh, and I especially love the comment separation! and that little flowers at the left of the name! that is so unique!

  10. Hi there! Sorry it took me so long to make it all the way around....It looks like you have already put some suggestions to work - looks great. I am new - don't really know what I am doing myself :) but I think it looks good!

  11. thanks so much for your comment on my grumpy ol man. he really was the best little dog i've ever had. tater is also a wonderful little guy, and really does need a playmate. might have to begin the search in earnest. :)