Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just call me Frau Lou

Have you ever felt like you lived in a foreign country? One that is run by communist dictators? Welcome to pharmacy school. I'm not saying all pharmacy schools are like this, but my particular school is. I finally made it in after driving through ice and snow. We got at least 5-6 inches of snow and the roads refroze over night. Yet, we still have to be at school or we will get in trouble. Because apparently we are 5 years old and can't manage our own lives. Therefore, the "superiors" at school must manage them for us and make our schedules and decisions since we are not capable adults. (In case you haven't figured out-I'm being sarcastic and bitter!) I feel like the poor people in East Berlin must have felt. We are supposed to have a scheduled lunch, but we may not get it. If we do get it-we must be grateful because the pharmacy gods have decided we are worthy of getting to eat. If not-we are supposed to suck it up and suffer in silence and not send hate e-mail to the culprit of our lack of lunch. Oh, and we don't have lives outside of school. For example, my anniversary is tomorrow and we are supposed to have school till 5:15 since we didn't have school yesterday. This means that I won't get home until 6:30 or so. So, apparently, I really don't get to celebrate my anniversary. Sorry PG-school says no happy anniversary. But let's face facts. How many people think I will stay until 5:15? I'm skipping out at 4:15 and claiming I have plans. Take that dictatorship! Well, I better go back to the hell I call pharmacy school. Until next time-adios!

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