Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meg and Lou do Indy

I just got home from Indianapolis with my friend MeganDVD. A bunch of bloggers met up in Indy thanks to a couple of really awesome bloggers who put it all together. I met a lot of great ladies and just got to take a day to unwind. It was a nice break from studying for finals anyway. There were some great finds and I was able to find some things to do for projects over my upcoming break. For now, I must return to studying. Until next time-adios!


  1. It great to meet you too! We will have to get together and hit stores down here sometime!

  2. Hello! It was great meeting you yesterday! I hope that we will see a repeat of this "event" and be able to all get together again.

  3. Great to meet you on Saturday! Following you now!

  4. ALMOST done with finals! Are you ready to get your craft on? fun will the next 2 weeks be? Ummm...will you still help me with my master bedroom? PLease???? With sugar on top?